2D TOF MRA/MRV Coronal 3D Image (Neutral and AER positions)

The 2D Time-Of-Flight MRA/MRV displays in high resolution the arteries and veins which supply the brachial plexus. The amount of blood flow is proportional to signal intensity (which correlates to proton density). Gray, hazy areas indicate diminished flow (compression).

In this view, images of the patient with arms in neutral (i.e., at side) and abduction external rotation (AER, i.e., overhead) are displayed for comparison. The vascular compression, which is evident in the neutral position, is more pronounced in the AER position.

A different perspective is obtained by viewing the negative image, where the black/white color map is reversed (i.e. black becomes white and white becomes black). Observe the close proximity of the shoulders to the neck in the AER position, enchancing costoclavicular compression.