Lateral Chest Radiograph

The lateral chest radiograph is the second in a series of three x-rays taken prior to the 3D brachial plexus MRI/MRA/MRV scans. This x-rays displays landmark anatomy, and is cross-referenced to the MRI/MRA/MRV sequences. When the lateral chest radiograph is taken, the patient's arms are overhead, and the left side is aligned to the film. The lateral chest radiograph displays the alignment of the vertebrae, angulation of the ribs, the sterno-manubrial junction (MS), and rounding of the muscular shoulders.

A few labels have been placed on the image to assist with identification of landmark anatomy. This x-ray displays the patient's narrow thorax. The sterno-manubrial junction (MS), sixth thoracic vertebra (6T), trachea (T), heart (H), and inferior vena cava (IVC) are labeled for reference.